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Mirskys Fixative (ready-to-use)

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产品名称: Mirskys Fixative (ready-to-use)
产品型号: SG HS-101
产品厂商: 进口
产品文档: 无相关文档


Mirskys Fixative (ready-to-use)美国 National Diagnostics企业原装产品

Mirskys Fixative (ready-to-use) 的详细先容

Mirskys Fixative (ready-to-use)

National Diagnotics

Mirskys Fixative (ready-to-use)

  • Saponin/Glyoxylate Fixative
  • Preserves Immunohistological Activity
  • Contains No Formaldehyde
  • Fast-Acting
Catalog Number: SG HS-101

Mirskys Fixative is a superior fixing agent for use in immunohistological and immunocytological protocols. Mirskys Fixative contains no formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde. Therefore, it has considerably reduced toxicity and virtually no odor. Mirskys Fixative is neutral, buffered, and isotonic (308 milliosmoles). Additionally, Mirskys Fixative does not contain toxic or hazardous buffers such as cacodylate or barbital. Hardening or shrinkage of tissue is considerably reduced.

Double reactive sites afford excellent crosslinking properties while maintaining sample enzyme activity. Samples processed in Mirskys Fixative for light microscopy can subsequently be used in electron microscopy procedures. Special buffer systems may be used in place of the buffer provided.

Mirskys Fixative is normally distributed as a concentrated two-bottle system, although high throughput laboratories often use the single bottle ready-to-use format. The two-bottle system is comprised of Mirskys Fixative 10X Concentrate and Mirskys Fixative 10X Buffer. To reconstitute to working strength, add 1 part Mirskys Fixative 10X Buffer to 8 parts distilled or deionized water, mix thoroughly, then add 1 part Mirskys Fixative 10X Concentrate and mix again.

The two-bottle system has a shelf life of 12 months while the ready-to-use format has a shelf life of 30 days.


Use as a replacement for formalin and/or glutaraldehyde fixatives in immunohistological and immunocytological staining protocols. Tissue size is unlimited as long as the sample is no thicker than 0.5 cm in at least one plane to assure uniformity of tissue penetration. The gross visual appearance will be different than in formaldehyde and tissue may seem raw. This is due to double site binding of the fixative with a resultant reduction in tissue shrinkage. Microscopic examination of tissue morphology will be noticeably improved. This material is intended to maintain enzyme and antibody activity. For best results, tissue sections of high digestive enzyme content should be thoroughly rinsed in saline solution before fixation (e.g. trypsin in intestinal samples). Once fixed, tissue may be retained in Mirskys Fixative and ethanol indefinitely.



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