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TIB-64 P815 小鼠肥大细胞瘤细胞

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产品名称: TIB-64 P815 小鼠肥大细胞瘤细胞
产品型号: TIB-64
产品厂商: 美国标准生物品收藏中心(ATCC)
产品文档: 无相关文档


TIB-64 P815 小鼠肥大细胞瘤细胞,原代细胞|细胞系|细胞株|菌种;细胞库管理规范,提供的细胞株背景清楚,提供参考文献和Z优培养条件!

TIB-64 P815 小鼠肥大细胞瘤细胞 的详细先容
TIB-64 P815 小鼠肥大细胞瘤细胞
ATCC® Number:  TIB-64?       
Designations:  P815 
Depositors:   P Ralph 
Biosafety Level: 1 
Shipped:  frozen 
Medium & Serum:  See Propagation 
Growth Properties: suspension (some adherent cells)
Organism: Mus musculus (mouse) 
Source: Disease: mastocytoma
Strain: DBA/2
Cell Type: mast cell;
Cellular Products: lysozyme [1080] 
Permits/Forms: In addition to the MTA mentioned above, other ATCC and/or regulatory permits may be required for the transfer of this ATCC material. Anyone purchasing ATCC material is ultimately responsible for obtaining the permits. Please click here for information regarding the specific requirements for shipment to your location. 
Applications: transfection host (Nucleofection technology from Lonza)
Comments: P815 cells phagocytose latex beads but not zymosan or BCG.
They do not function in antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity.
Growth of the cells is not inhibited by dextran sulfate, LPS or PPD. [1136] [2104]
Tested and found negative for ectromelia virus (mousepox).
Propagation:  ATCC complete growth medium: The base medium for this cell line is ATCC-formulated Dulbeccos Modified Eagles Medium, Catalog No. 30-2002. To make the complete growth medium, add the following components to the base medium: fetal bovine serum to a final concentration of 10%.
Temperature: 37.0°C
Subculturing:  Medium Renewal: Every 2 to 3 days
Cultures can be maintained by addition or replacement of fresh medium. Start cultures at 2 X 10 exp5 cells/ml and maintain between 1 X 10 exp5 and 1 X 10 exp6 cells/ml. Adherent cells can be recovered by scraping.
Preservation:  culture medium 95%; DMSO, 5%
Related Products: Recommended medium (without the additional supplements or serum described under ATCC Medium):ATCC 30-2002
recommended serum:ATCC 30-2020
References: 1080: Ralph P, et al. Lysozyme synthesis by established human and murine histiocytic lymphoma cell lines. J. Exp. Med. 143: 1528-1533, 1976. PubMed: 1083890
1135: Ralph P, Nakoinz I. Antibody-dependent killing of erythrocyte and tumor targets by macrophage-related cell lines: enhancement by PPD and LPS. J. Immunol. 119: 950-954, 1977. PubMed: 894031
1136: Ralph P, Nakoinz I. Direct toxic effects of immunopotentiators on monocytic myelomonocytic, and histiocytic or macrophage tumor cells in culture. Cancer Res. 37: 546-550, 1977. PubMed: 318922
1137: Ralph P, Nakoinz I. Lipopolysaccharides inhibit lymphosarcoma cells of bone marrow origin. Nature 249: 49-51, 1974. PubMed: 4208429
2104: Ralph P, et al. Lymphosarcoma cell growth is selectively inhibited by B lymphocyte mitogens: LPS, dextran sulfate and PPD. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 61: 1268-1275, 1974. PubMed: 4616699
22262: Lundak RL, Raidt DJ. Cellular immune response against tumor cells. I. In vitro immunization of allogeneic and syngeneic mouse spleen cell suspensions against DBA mastocytoma cells. Cell. Immunol. 9: 60-66, 1973. PubMed: 4270287
22825: Plaut M, et al. Studies on the mechanism of lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis. IV. Specificity of the histamine receptor on effector T cells. J. Immunol. 111: 389-394, 1973. PubMed: 4123976
29033: Schmidt W, et al. Cell-free tumor antigen peptide-based cancer vaccines. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94: 3262-3267, 1997. PubMed: 9096381
32502: Gonzalez Armas JC, et al. DNA immunization confers protection against murine cytomegalovirus infection. J. Virol. 70: 7921-7928, 1996. PubMed: 8892915 


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